Village History Part 3 of 3


What do the people of Sutton Courtenay do for a living?

605 adults described themselves as employed full-time. 203 were employed part-time, including 39 who described themselves as also look after the hom. 54 people were unemployed. 330 villagers were retired, and 106 were look after the home without having any part-time job, or seeking employment.

281 children were at school, studying or training, as were 32 adults.

The range of employment was enormous, and difficult to putinto categories.

The kinds of work were:

750 people travel to their place of employment or study by car, 134 by bus, 23 by train, 90 by bicycle, 85 on foot and 5 by other means (assumed to be motorcycling!).

Many of the cyclists and pedestrians are children attending school in the village or nearby. The Village Appraisal did not ask for journey details, but for those travelling by car, many were the sole occupant.

Child-care was evidently an area of concern for working parents. While one parent was at work, children were generally looked after by the other partner or spouse, but 8 were cared for by grandparents and 12 by another relative. Seven were looked after by a paid carer such as a child-minder or nanny and 3 went to a playgroup or nursery. During the school holidays most working parents managed to care for their own children, suggesting either that many parents have flexible work arrangements or perhaps are employed in education. One person made use of after school clubs and activities, or activities held for children during the school holidays. Suggestions were made that more pre-school care facilities would be welcomed, as would a creche, more child-minders, a full-time local nursery and a list of village child-minders.

Traffic and Transport

One of the questions in the 1995 Sutton Courtenay Village Appraisal was, “How many cars or vans has your household?”. The result was as shown below:

Bearing in mind the number of vehicles used by residents it is perhaps not surprising that relatively few peolpe use the buses on a daily basis – 14 people over 65 years of age, 29 aged 19-65 and 16 children. More people use the buses occasionally – 141 aged over 65, 272 aged 19-65 and 29 children. However a total of 77 people aged over 65, 476 aged 19-65 and 131 children never use the buses at all.

There has been concerns for a long time over the volume of traffic through the village. In 1974 over 500 vehicles an hour during peak periods were recorded. In June 1986, a traffic survey of Drayton Road found a total of 2468 vehicles travelled along it during a 12-hour period from 6.30am to 6.30 pm – an average of 3.4 vehicles a minute. In the summer of 1995 a count was made of vehicles travelling on all the roads in and out of Sutton Courtenay. The aim of the traffic survey was to count the number of vehicles travelling in and out of the village on various roads. It took place on a weekday during the school term, and as can be observed from the volume of traffic at peak periods, volunteers risked asphyxiation from exhaust fumes to count the vehicles!

Two busy periods were surveyed, together with a less busy period in the middle of the day:

In May 1995, the Department of Transport carried out a random survey of traffic on the road between Sutton Courtenay and Milton. This count was done over a 12 hour period during which time there were 1131 vehicle movements, including 32 heavy goods vehicles and 17 buses and coaches.




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