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rss2013bInstead of visiting our Website every time you want the Latest News, you can use an RSS Feed reader to have updated News delivered to you automatically.

RSS offers a more convenient way for me to get the information you need from News and business sources online. By subscribing to this information through an RSS feed you can have all of the latest information from a Website or Blog aggregated into one place where you can easily access it to read it.

We publish the following RSS News Feed on our Website for RSS feed readers:


Benefits of RSS

  •     Get notified of new content without having to check all the sites yourself. Most feed readers bold feed titles to indicate new content.
  •     Read or scan a larger amount of information in a shorter period of time because you have it all at your fingertips.
  •     Subscribe anonymously to a feed, eliminating the need to provide your email address.
  •     Stop receiving the feed by simply deleting it from your reader.

What Is RSS?

RSS is an Internet technology for content distribution. Most News Media Websites will have an RSS feed available as do most Blogs. RSS puts the control of the content you subscribe to in your hands. Simply subscribe to a feed using your feed reader of choice.

RSS stands for “Rich Site Summary,” “RDF Site Summary,” or “Really Simple Syndication,” according to different sources. Whatever the initials stand for, RSS is a format based on XML (eXtensible Markup Language) that is increasingly popular for gathering and distributing Web content such as news headlines.  An RSS feed is simply a file that conforms to RSS format. Many sites now publish RSS news feeds, including major news organisations such as Reuters and the Associated Press.

How to Read an RSS News Feed

If you want to receive news from RSS feeds, you need a news aggregator — also called a “feed reader” or “RSS aggregator.” A news aggregator can be a program or an extension to your Web browser or email program, and there are many of them available. A news aggregator makes it much easier for you to follow the news that interests you on the Web. It automatically displays the updates published by your selected news sources so that you don’t have to check each source’s Web site separately.

Software like Web Browsers have the ability to Subscribe and Read RSS Feeds built-in, you will also find RSS Feed features within other software like Micrsoft Outlook or Thunderbird and other email clients, however, there are a number of FREEWARE RSS Readers available to download should you prefer a separate client for your RSS Feed Reading requirements.


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